As I reflect back on the places that I know I used to live at it astounds me that it was at all possible to have moved around so many times in my lifetime. If my memory serves me right (and with the help of my sister Claudette, who can remember the early years ) the following are some of the places that I can remember having  lived at in my life:

110 Third Ave, Timmins, Ont
(15 Apr 1943) This place had an apartment upstairs
at the corner of a business building. This is the place
where my parents & sister were living when I was born.
Apparently, it was here I had the first chance to  leave     a "wet spot" on my first cousin, Eileen. I was a naughty
baby, wasn't I!
214 Montgomery
203 Cedar North, Timmins, Ont
(Picture unavailable)
(Early childhood)I could not find this house today, it
 may have been destroyed or replaced by a duplex. 

216 Spruce North, Timmins, Ont
(Picture unavailable)
(Early childhood)This is where my dad had part of his              funeral business in the basement. He used to work on the individuals, (embalming) in the basement at his address. I have heard many a spooky stories about people visiting our place and some stories were really funny to hear.

(Early childhood) This is a very small house. Today, it is a well maintained blue bungalow, very small, as the picture very well shows.  Here, I remember times were very tough for all of us as mom was living alone with 3 boys and one girl.

(Early childhood) Today this is still a large two story apartment house. We used to live upstairs. It is across from a school. Again some funny stories  about our life there are quite unique but rather too personal to reveal. Sorry you'll have to ask privately.
83 Kent, Timmins, Ont
123 Elm South, Timmins, Ont
(Early Childhood) This place starts to become much clearer in my mind as I think I was about 4 years old. I remember quite vividly the "abattoir" we could smell not too far away. Also I think this was the place I remember getting  my first red fire truck for Christmas. The house today is almost exactly the way I remember it, with the clothes line in the back yard. My sister has some unique stories about our life
231 Elm North, Timmins, Ont
(About 5 years old) Strange I don't remember too much about this place, must have been a short stay.                   However, I do remember that it was close to the sidewalk, with a covered front porch and a lot of windows. Today it looks similar but is has been altered and there is a larger house unit  behind. I personally remember playing on my father's hearse which in the winter time was "laid" up in the back yard.
(1950-1953) Mattachewan, Ont. Don't have a picture of this place, sadly. Lots of interesting things happened here as a young boy, growing up in this little mining community in Northern Ontario.
(1953-1955) Cobalt, Ont. Our house was situated on the shores of Cobalt Lake, (The Million Dollar Lake), right across from the train station. However today it is gone, destroyed by fire. This picture gives you an idea just about where it would have been. I could write a book about my 3-4 years here.
(1955-1956) Val Albert,Ont. A little suburb of Kapuskasing, in Northern Ontario, the place of Spruce Falls Power and Paper Company.  We used to live in a 2 room apartment upstairs at the rear of a 2 story block apartment which I think at the time was owned by the Kovacs. The outhouse was a mile away!
(1956-1962) 19 Riverside Drive, Kapuskasing, Ont. Here it was a 4 room apartment in the back lane of Riverside Drive. What a place!
(1969-1970) 108 WindMuhlen Weg, Soest, Wesphalia, Germany. (Upstairs apartment), 2 rooms. This was my first place as a married man, a father and a husband. The start of a new life. No hot water, but life was an adventure then. We lived on the third floor.
(1970-1971) 108 1/2 WindMuellen Weg, Soest, Westphalia, Germany. This was a single house to the rear of the above address. Our own house! Heated by coal, it was fun to maintain.
(1971-1972) 36 Coriano Crescent, Camp Borden, Ont. Military base married quarters. It was a very nice place but only temporary as we had bought a new house and were waiting to move in in Jan 1972.
(1772-1975) 12 Sandsprings Crescent, Angus, Ont. What a joy! We bought our own first house. 
(1975-1980) 51 Tiverton Drive, Nepean, Ont. The nation's capital. Here, it is pictured with my daughter Shay in front. 
(1980-1983)  Lahr, Germany
(1983-1985)  22 Rickey Place, Kanata, Ont. Pretty single home in middle class neighbourhood of high tech area. Silicon Valley North as it is commonly called.
(1985-1988)  10 Scharf Lane. Big house, 6 bedrooms! Lots of room here. 
(1988-1992) 2305-1380 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ont. Highrise living here. 23 floors up. Beautifull views of Ottawa, Rideau Canal and Gatineau Hills. The start of another brand of life! 
(1992- 2002)  46D Whelan Drive, Nepean, Ont. Actually, beautiful downtown Barrhaven.
Yours truly's residence at the moment. Ye old 1991 Ford Taurus gracing the driveway.
Cobalt, Ont
(Picture unavailable)
Val Albert, Ont
19 Riverside Drive, Kapuskasing, Ont
108 WindMuhlen Weg, Soest, Germany
108 WindMuhlen Weg (back) Soest, Germany
2305-1380 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ont
22 Rickey Place, Kanata, Ont
51 Tiverton Drive, Nepean, Ont
46D Whelan Drive, Nepean, Ont
10 Scharf Lane, Kanata, Ont
8th Floor of Married Quarters in Lahr, Germany
(Picture unavailable)
36 Coriano Crescent, Camp Borden, Ont
(Picture unavailable)
12 Sandsprings Crescent, Angus, Ont
(Updated: 17 Jan 2002)
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(2002 -       ) 26 Golder's Green Lane, Nrepean, Ont. Still in Barrhaven. This is to be my last retirement home.
Spring 2003
Our back year patio - spring 2004
Winter scene 2003